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March 2014 Archives

What are federal EEO claims?

What are federal EEO claims? This is a common question I receive from federal government workers. EEO claims or Equal Employment Opportunity Claims address discrimination, harassment and reprisal complaints of federal workers. Discrimination and harassment claims must be based on the fact that the claimant is a member of a protected class (relating to your race, age, disability, gender, etc.). Reprisal claims commonly involve adverse action(s) taken against the claimant for having complained of discrimination and/or harassment. All three claims can be handled through the federal EEO process. Your first step on this path is typically to contact your local EEO counselor to discuss your claim. For further information, the EEOC website can be found at: 

Wrongful termination claims where employees on leave are fired

In my law practice, I often receive calls from employees inquiring about wrongful termination issues because they lost their job while on leave for health reasons. The employer, of course, may have legitimate reasons for terminating an employee on medical leave. The employer may need to fill the empty position to meet pressing work demands, or may be unhappy about the past work performance of the absent worker. While these motives are understandable, there are reasons why firing an "on leave" employee should be avoided if possible.