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California & Federal Employee Representation Attorney

Federal, state, and local government employees have additional employment protections that private employees do not. If you are a government employee who has suffered discrimination or another employment law violation, we can protect your rights. At Freeland Law APC, we offer experienced result-oriented advocacy focused on protecting the rights and interests of California state and federal government employees.

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Experienced Representation for Current or Former Government Employees

Our firm offers experienced representation to current or former government employees who are victims of discrimination, wrongful termination, or suffered other violations of their rights. We represent state, federal, municipal, and agency employees before the EEOC, the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), “Skelly” hearings, and other disciplinary hearings. Employment law regulating government employees is complex, and you need an experienced advocate to protect your rights effectively, negotiate aggressively on your behalf, and demand compensation.

We are experienced in claims involving:

  • Representation before the EEOC
  • Claims involving the Merit Systems Protection Board
  • Skelly hearings and other disciplinary hearings/investigations
  • Issues involving notice of dismissal or reprimand
  • Discrimination or retaliation
  • Whistleblower protection

Aggressive and Strategic Advocacy from Initial Consultation Through Final Resolution

We represent government employees at every stage of dispute resolution from initiation of a claim through informal proceedings, litigation in state or federal court, or in administrative hearings. We will begin an immediate and exhaustive investigation to collect all necessary evidence in support of your case or claim. Our legal team will consult with witnesses, collect documentation, and work with expert resources when necessary to protect your rights effectively.

Federal Employee Rights

Federal employees face a unique set of challenges with regard to employment law claims. These claims are handled differently than other employment law claims and few lawyers have the skills and experience to effectively represent employees. At Freeland Law APC, we offer more than 30 years of civil litigation experience and highly individualized legal representation for our clients.

La Mesa federal employee rights attorney Michael Freeland has extensive experience handling EEOC claims and claims involving the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). These claims may eventually reach Hearing before the EEOC or Board or even federal district court. We have extensive litigation experience and are equipped with the necessary skills to effectively represent our clients in court.

Please read our articles section to learn more about our experience advocating for federal employers with our recent article on Legal Alternatives For Civilian Navy Employees.

East County EEOC Claim Lawyer

Mr. Freeland has represented federal employees in claims involving harassment, discrimination, claims involving termination, accretion of duties, failure to promote, demotion or long-term suspension, ethical violations, and other complex issues. He is highly knowledgeable of federal rules and procedures with regard to litigating before the MSPB and the EEOC.  Our firm represents members of the Navy and Marine Corps, among other branches of the federal government and those in federal civil service. These claims are initially handled through specific and standardized processes that require adherence to deadlines and knowledge of the legal issues underlying these federal employee claims.

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