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Defending Employers Against PAGA Claims

Employers in California face myriad challenges, including the ever-increasing number of laws relating to employment. Most businesses are focused on serving their customers and keeping the lights on, and in these challenging times can’t afford HR staff. Even with experienced HR employees in place, keeping 100% compliant with the overwhelming number of rules and laws seems impossible. PAGA claims are attractive to plaintiff’s attorneys who seek to take advantage of these facts.

The Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) deputizes California employees to sue their employers on behalf of the State and their fellow workers for violations of California labor laws.  These claims can be complex and costly to defend, and between the cost of violations plus the penalties imposed, expose businesses to significant, potential financial damage.  The more employees you have, the greater the potential damage.

Don’t Wait to Get Experienced PAGA Counsel

Freeland Law APC provides experienced, proactive, and strategic defense counsel for businesses which are targeted with PAGA and class action lawsuits.  Attorney Michael Freeland handles your lawsuit personally from start to finish, offering aggressive, responsive, and effective counsel.  PAGA claims are challenging to defend; don’t trust your representation to a firm where less experienced associate attorneys or paralegals perform the work or where your case is shuffled from one attorney to another.  Mr. Freeland will work to reduce your potential liability exposure and proactively take all possible steps to resolve the matter and reduce plaintiff’s attorney’s fees.

Defending Employers Against Class Action Litigation

In class action lawsuits, employers must defend against the related labor law claims of numerous employees in complex, potentially expensive litigation.  The defense costs charged by large defense law firms can be high and class action lawsuits can drag on for years.  Freeland Law provides aggressive and strategic representation to defend, disprove and disable employment class actions lawsuits at affordable rates.

Get Experienced Employment Class Action Defense

Experienced class action attorney Michael Freeland will employ numerous strategies to defend your business from such claims, including:

  • Fighting class certification from the inception of the lawsuit.
  • Minimizing the damages potentially recoverable by plaintiffs.
  • Analyzing the relevant evidence to persuasive benefit to the employer in court.
  • Negotiating settlements to the employer’s advantage.
  • Initiating prompt arbitration, where appropriate.

Take charge of your defense by launching a powerful offense now by retaining Freeland Law APC.  Attorney Michael Freeland will personally handle your case and guide you through what can be a daunting process.

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