Helping Business Owners Comply With State And Federal Employment Laws

Operating a business involves complex issues, especially in California, where new labor and employment laws are introduced each year. Your time is focused on running your company. You don’t have the time to be an employment law expert. That’s where Freeland Law APC comes in.

Our Firm Exclusively Specializes In Employment Law

When you receive a DLSE (Department of Labor Standards Enforcement or “the Labor Board”) notice or a demand, a U.S. Department of Labor notice or complaint, an attorney demand letter, or a Superior/Federal Court Complaint or Summons, contact Freeland Law APC right away to discuss your legal options and address your questions. Taking action on employment law issues in a timely manner is essential to protect your company and allow you ample time to respond. Michael M. Freeland specializes exclusively in employment law and is the legal professional your business needs to successfully deal with:

  • Wage & hour claims for unpaid wages, overtime, missed meal/rest breaks, mis-classification
  • Class Action defense
  • Unfair competition acts by former employees
  • California unemployment insurance benefit claims and appeals
  • Wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment claims

Individualized, Cost-Effective Representation

Michael M. Freeland provides individualized legal strategies based on the unique facts of your case to protect your business while minimizing costs. Many matters can be resolved informally before costly litigation commences. Other situations indicate an aggressive, proactive response. Every situation is different, and attorney Michael M. Freeland uses his more than 30 years of experience to effect the most successful and cost-effective solution for your business. Mr. Freeland will personally handle your matter and give you the time and attention your case needs. If you need a skilled negotiator or proactive litigator, call attorney Michael M. Freeland.

Guidance Along the Way

At Freeland Law APC, we draw from more than 30 years of legal experience and represent a wide range of small, mid-sized and large businesses including contractors, retailers, service industries, and professional services firms. If your company lacks human resources personnel, choosing the right course of action in handling workplace disputes can become understandably complex. Freeland Law offers such consultation to ensure your company’s policies and actions comply with state and federal labor laws.

Call our firm for a consultation when your company seeks guidance regarding:

  • Classifying employees properly as non-exempt (“hourly”) or exempt (“salary”) under California labor laws
  • Determining if a worker is an independent contractor or an employee
  • Ensuring legally compliant timekeeping practices
  • Best practices for terminating (“firing”) and hiring employees
  • Handling leaves of absence, pregnancy disability leave, FMLA leave (Family & Medical Leave Act), CFRA (California Family Rights Act) leave
  • Dealing with complaining/disgruntled employees
  • Drafting severance agreements and employment contracts
  • Review of employee handbooks
  • Determining proper wage payment of hourly, salaried or piece-rate workers

Daily decisions made within your company can affect the success and financial security of your business. California and federal labor laws offer many protections for workers, which, when violated, may expose you to costly litigation. Experienced employment lawyer Michael Freeland can help you and your staff navigate these complex regulations, statutes, and Labor and Business codes.

Partnering With Employers For The Long Run

We believe in serving our clients in La Mesa and San Diego County for the life of their business. Freeland Law APC will assist you in resolving your employment law matter currently at hand and will be your source for employment law guidance into the future. We are dedicated to efficiently resolving your legal matter with optimal results and while controlling costs. Michael M. Freeland meets with clients directly and strives to be available whenever clients have questions regarding their ongoing matters. Call 619-739-4592 for knowledgeable employment law advocacy you can rely on. You can also reach out to the firm by completing our convenient online form.