La Mesa Unpaid Overtime Lawyer

Unpaid overtime claims can be extremely complex — and often involve many different legal issues. Employees who are owed overtime money need experienced legal counsel from a lawyer who has an in-depth understanding of California labor laws.

At Freeland Law APC, our skilled attorney has over 24 years of litigation experience and is widely respected amongst colleagues and adversaries throughout California. Michael Freeland offers highly personalized legal advice and will work to resolve the legal issue you are facing in the most effective manner.

Worker Misclassification — East County Unpaid Wages Attorney

Many employees who deserve overtime pay fall into two categories: (1) Either the employee’s duties are misclassified, resulting in him or her not receiving overtime pay, or, (2) the employer has simply failed to calculate overtime properly. An example of a wrongly classified employee would be one who is technically classified as a manager, but does not actually supervise other employees, or most of the job duties involve non-managerial tasks. We will examine the details of the job classification and proper overtime payment with you and inform you of your legal options.

Overtime in California is typically required where an employee works more than 40 hours in a week, and/or more than eight hours in one day. Other issues can arise when an employee is not given mandatory rest or meal breaks, or faces other wage and hour issues. We have extensive experience handling all types of complex employment claims.

Advocating For Employees In Unpaid Overtime Claims

Employees face a great number of challenges when they are not being paid properly for overtime. You can turn to our East County – La Mesa, El Cajon, Santee, Alpine – unpaid overtime attorney for advice about your legal options and advocacy. We handle a broad range of employment law claims, ranging from discrimination cases to unpaid overtime claims.

Contact Freeland Law APC to speak directly with La Mesa attorney Michael Freeland, experienced employment lawyer serving East County including but not limited to El Cajon, Lakeside, La Mesa, Spring Valley, San Carlos, Santee, Ramona, Julian, Lemon Grove, Alpine, Jamul and Del Cerro, California.

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