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Government Employees: Federal Civilian Employees - Part Three

We close our series with several additional avenues of assistance for federal civilian employees. Again, careful research and thought should be given to which path to follow to achieve your individual goals.

Government Employees: Federal Civilian Employees - Part Two

Claims of Discrimination, Harassment and Reprisal - Discrimination and harassment claims must be based on the fact that you are a member of a protected class (relating to your race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 and older), disability or genetic information. The law also protects you from retaliation if you oppose employment discrimination, file a complaint of discrimination, or participate in the EEO complaint process.

Government Employees: Federal Civilian Employees - Part One

As a federal civilian employee, your job is arguably more protected than your private-employee counterpart. If a co-worker or member of management acts inappropriately, unethically or illegally in the workplace, there are a variety of resources to which you can turn to resolve such problems. In fact, the greater challenge can be in deciding which of the many resolution paths to follow to achieve your goals. In this series, we will look at potential claims and the options that may be available to resolve them.